Multi Engine Performance and Limitations


Upon completion of this video from the Ace Pilot Academy, you will have learned the following key points about multi-engine performance and limitations:

The factors that pilots of multi-engine aircraft must consider when facing an engine failure during takeoff, including performance and limitations.

The significance of performance charts found in Airplane Flight Manuals or Pilot’s Operating Handbooks, with a focus on the accelerate-stop distance and accelerate-go distance.

Understanding the accelerate-stop distance as the runway length required to abort the takeoff and bring the aircraft to a stop, and the accelerate-go distance as the distance needed to continue takeoff and climb to 50 feet after an engine failure.

Exploring the concept of climb gradient, expressed as the altitude gain per 100 feet of horizontal distance and affected by wind conditions.

How pilots can utilize performance and limitation figures to determine decision points in the takeoff and climb sequence, guiding their course of action in the event of an engine failure.

The recommendation to reject takeoff, even if airborne, if the engine failure occurs before the decision point, and the importance of promptly executing the appropriate engine failure procedure and continuing the climb if the failure happens after the decision point.

Recognizing that performance and limitation figures are developed under ideal conditions and may not be fully achievable in real-life situations due to factors like wind gusts, equipment wear, and delayed response times.

Understanding the regulations regarding runway length and the use of accelerate-stop distances as advisory information, while experienced pilots often adhere to using the accelerate-stop distance as a minimum runway length for added safety.

Considering the limitations of the accelerate-go distance, which describes the distance an aircraft will only be 50 feet above the ground after takeoff with one engine inoperative, highlighting the degraded performance of multi-engine aircraft operating with only one engine.

By grasping these concepts, you will be better equipped to navigate multi-engine performance and limitations, making informed decisions and ensuring the safety of your flights.


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Multi Engine Performance and Limitations Lesson
Multi Engine Performance and limitations Quiz
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